Bara Stainless Work Co.,Ltd. (BRSW) is a subsidiary of Bara Windsor Co.,Ltd. which was established in 1953. Bara Windsor Co.,Ltd. has successfully grown into a world class trading and manufacturing company with international suppliers and networks.

Bara Stainless Work Co.,Ltd. (BRSW) is considered as Asia's leading manufacturer of high grade tableware for both flatware and hollowware in high quality stainless steel 18/10 AISI type 304, stainless with silver-plating, gold-plating copper plating, titanium plating and all variety of products. We are not only able to manufacture small and large orders of full range standard items, but we also offer customized designed products as well as re-condition items and maintenance services.

There are several brandings under BRSW which serve to different lifestyles and preferences.

  • BAC is our hospitality brand with complete product line of dining & banquet equipment.
  • Magio is our cost competitive cutlery.
  • Morf is our modern designed and decorative hollowware for urban living.
  • Tabella is our lifestyle brand for household customers.

Bara Stainless Work is leading manufacturer of cutlery and hollowware for major clients in Europe, America and Asia. It is one of the few companies to have EPNS Silver plating capability to ensure on-peeling. The skilled workforce is well trained in high standard mirror polishing, sandblasting, satin/matt finishing and hammering.

BRSW has our own in house design team that design products according to customer's requirement. Our team can provide 3D drawing for approval prior to sample and main production. We also have extensive in horse facilities for mold production and tooling of new design items. All our Molds are checked and hand finished by our mold master.

The excellence in artistry, quality and craftsmanship, BRSW is entrusted by world class companies for OEM products tailor-made to their specifications with many stamps of world recognized hallmarks for European and American markets.

Guarantee of high standard along with user friendly unique designs which can be custom made to serve all needs has given BRSW an opportunity to be the first choice for five star hotels, airlines, high end restaurants and other users all over the world.